Wherever you are…

Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman

Tammy Wynette

        I shot this picture at the used sari market in Pune, India a few years ago. It sticks with me. At first it seemed that this woman, who lived on the opposite end of the globe, had nothing in common with me. Now I understand it is likely just the opposite. 

        Her circumstances, no doubt, were dire. And probably still are, if she is still alive. If she could transport herself out of that slum, I bet she would. Who knows, maybe that’s exactly what she was doing when I snapped this photo. One thing is for certain; here, there, and everywhere. Life is hard; it’s a universal issue.

        A favorite book that rings true, from experience, is Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Wherever You Go, There You Are. Sometimes I think the opposite is also true: “Wherever you are, there you go.”  That’s the beauty of mindfulness and meditation. They are always available to you. The benefits is you can be transported beyond your seemingly insurmountable circumstances. You just have to practice. 

        Do that, today. If you’re anything like me, you are reading about this and not practicing enough.

        Just do it. Please… 

Practice:  Close your eyes. Breathe, from deep within your belly. Feel the energy of something positive permeate your body. You choose; something that has recently warmed your heart. Cultivate that feeling and stick with it as you breathe into the heart of it. Set a timer on your phone for 5 minutes if you need to. Then put the phone on silent. Again return to the energy of that positivity, with no sabotaging interruptions. If this woman, trapped in the slums of India can do it, so too, can you. Breathe deeply, and inhale appreciation for  all that you have. Exhale any thoughts you might have that interrupt your gratitude. End with gratitude. Say thank you out loud.

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  1. That Kabat-Zinn book was a helpful read back when I really needed one.

  2. Just do it…Another THANK YOU out loud! 🙏💗

  3. That’s lovely, El… a haunting image,

  4. I did it. And thank you!!❤️

  5. Thank you !! These are really great Elinor

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