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You can search through the Entire Universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and attention.
~ Buddha

      Well, come…all ye faithful /hopeful/ hopeless/ weary/ winded/ humor-filled and humorless travelers. We are all in it all!  Thanks for tolerating my deep (and sometimes disturbing) thoughts on meditation during the next 40 something days, and trying to find a little inner peace while we’re at it.

      I am a believer in meditation of all kinds as a form of self-care and to find balance, not because I exude or have any pretension of mastery of either. God knows, my family knows, I know (I know, I know…)

      None of us are perfect, not even close. We are not supposed to be. If that were the case we wouldn’t be called human beings, we’d be called angels, or Buddha or Jesus. That’s because we are meant to be BE-ings, not DO-ings nor PRODUCE-ings nor PERFORM-ings. So, here we are, being real responsible and committing to some self care and love for Lent.  Makes much more sense to me to give inward love as a form of spiritual connection than to give up something you love.  In the name of God (?) Hmmm…

      I am trying really hard to practice what I am writing about and being gentle with myself. That includes taking it easy on this page. I got a little advice from a friend that maybe I don’t do the blog this year as it was a bit of a heavy lift last year and Lent is upon us/me at a bit of a tumultuous time, Mercury in retrograde and all:)

      But, that’s really the point of this, finding a little peace, and pleasure, amongst the storms of life, not waiting until all gets quiet and cheery to step up. (I hear you can get gray hair doing that!)  ‘Tis the old “put your own oxygen mask on first” mandate. It is crazy that this notion has actually become counter culture. Whoever created the snarky phrase “Must be Nice” should be ashamed to death. And, whoever first responded, “It is”, thank YOU. 

      Ok, there it is out there. I am not totally zen nor totally serious about this. Just fired up you are joining me and, truthfully, that you are serious enough about feeling good just a little better and taking the chance that some sort of reflection / meditation might just help move  your happy fulfilled needle. I can tell you from my own experience it will, and has been a total God send to me. Especially when you take a decent chunk of time to devote to daily reflection. 

As Rumi says, 

“A new moon teaches gradualness and deliberation, and how one gives birth to one’s self slowly, Patience with small details makes perfect a large work, like the universe.”

What nine months of attention does for an embryo, forty early mornings alone will do for your gradually growing wholeness.”

      It’s not all easy, it’s not all fun, but much of it is. And hopefully by the end of 40 plus days you will have a sense of self awareness and joy within. It’s in there. I promise.

      If possible, wake up ten or fifteen minutes earlier and take a few minutes to read and reflect before you start your day.  “But I can’t, arises the thought to the important busy bee.  Jesus, smart people… sages, Buddha, Moses, even Noah took 40 days of peace and communing with mother nature to meditate before taking on some serious undertakings. Desmond Tutu, ArchBishop of South Africa when asked, with all his responsibilities how he was able to afford the time to meditate and pray two hours each morning.  He responded, ‘with all the responsibilities and work I have, I can’t afford not to.’ Moral is: breathe. Let your panicky thoughts go. It’s that simple. And smile. 

      So, here we go!. If I can figure out the tech end of this while my computer helper is in Korea, it should be in your inbox first thing every morning. I think I can… I think I can…I think I can… I know I can…I know I can…I know I can!

Cheers, Peace, and Thanks for joining me ~



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  1. Jen Pen

    I’m so glad you are giving us all the gift of your writing again!
    Loved rehearing the message to pause!

  2. ciara

    Looking forward to finding your musings and wisdom in my inbox the next 40 days Elinor. Thank you!

  3. Stephanie

    Here we go-!!

  4. jessica cashman

    So grateful for you my dear friend !
    Loved having 40 days of peace back in my Inbox again- THANK YOU !!

  5. Brooks Whitney Phillips

    Me too. Thanks Elinor.

    1. Mae Mae

      Here ❤️

  6. Katie

    Im looking forward to the journey. ??❤️

  7. Jen

    I really enjoyed this last year. Looking forward to it again. Thank you!

  8. Zach

    Thanks for the reflections and building community of reflection E.J.

  9. Johnna Deering

    Looking forward to spending a few moments each morning with your thoughtful words. What a peaceful way to honor the Lenten season. Thank you?

  10. Marina Carney

    Thank you dear friend! Marina Sr.

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