“Let it Be”

The Beatles

Right Now


Be the person you want to be… right now. 

In one of the fabulous inspirational messages that I receive daily, I read something that I can’t locate, but I also can’t shake.  The gist of it was to be the person you want to be, and be it right now.  Not the person you’d like to be after you take a course in it, or talk to a counselor. Right. Now.  In this moment ~ as you drive in traffic, or get on your children to chip in around the house, or to return your calls.   (Writing about peace is a great way to be held accountable by your children as to how often you are not peaceful.  No mercy!)

It’s a great thing to pause for a moment and consider how you’d ideally handle the challenge du jour. And then be that person,  constantly falling off, re-setting after we fail, and then trying again. 

A lot of this has to do with letting go- of fear, of excuses, of the story we tell ourselves as to why we can’t be exactly who we strive to be.  A wise coach and friend counsels and role models the motto “Fake it til you make it.”  You wanna let go of fear? Do it now. You want peace?  Then let it be.  Practice makes it your reality. Kinda like cultivating peace.

This Week's Practice:

Each day is a gift. And time spent in silence is a gift within that gift. The way to tap into the abundance of joy that rests quietly within is to simply be present with it. The time is now; do it for you! Try five minutes today.

This Week's Prayer:

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