last night’s full moon in virgo

A friend reached out this a.m. after reading St Therese’s prayer. She has lost both her parents in the last few months. We chatted a bit about grief and asking for strength. She commented she wasn’t sure who she was talking to in her head, but that traditional beliefs did not have a presence in her life right now.
Completely understandable, we don’t feel very spirited in the wilderness.
It got me to thinking…
Faith. Does it matter what you are having faith in, or just that you are choosing to believe?
And which feels better right now– to project hope into a future positive possibility or to fear the worst?
Faith is seeing possibilities, not just problems. (What is a problem solver anyway? I think it’s just someone that believes in possible solutions.)

rest up

Rest and digest; we all know what happens when you keep cramming things in…

Every faith tradition, every master, sage and lama rests. It’s a Commandment (for Christ’s sake:) I believe the intention is to be play-full, not dread-full. Get it “sun- day?” It’s a day to turn off technology and take in nature, and whatever else brings forth joy. Be with joy.

This Week's Muse:

Sundays are the best. They are intended for rest. And if you find yourself unable, due to vocation, vacation, or education- well, just figure it out. The day of the week doesn’t really matter, the intention is to rest after hard work, but before burn out. 

Breathe, pay attention, enjoy, give thanks, and rest: easy.

Sundaes Meditation:

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