“Earth is so thick with divine possibility that it is a wonder we can walk anywhere without cracking our shins on altars”

~ Barbara Brown Taylor

We hear about observing this time as a gift – “the present,”  but it sure does take discipline to keep looking at it that way.We are presently stuck right here, right now, without the usual ability to distract ourselves making future plans.  How wild to have this during these 40+ days of Lent, when we literally do find ourselves in a season of wilderness.

Three friends today referred to feeling “off,” “lackluster”; “as if they were falling apart.”  Three friends in three different states, some sick, some stir crazy, all sidelined by Corona or quarantine.  All whose busy and fulfilling lives, full of love and laughter, have been put on this unexpected pause, for the time being.  And all, who have experienced a variety of losses in recent years. It got me thinking.

My hunch is so many of us who run, so gladly, on the treadmill of our busy lives, aren’t used to this slower pace, with so much time and space.   Seems a likely time for stuff we’ve been outrunning, purposely or not, to show up. And when that is unprocessed grief or other difficult realities, it doesn’t feel much like a gift.

Today I got outside.  Rode around the neighborhood on my bike for the first fresh air in days. (Which felt great!) I teased a friend quarantined in Connecticut that we were considering breaking into her house for her toilet paper supply.  So as I rambled by her house, smiling about that, the bench up the hill behind her house caught my eye. Next thing I knew I was headed up the hill in my Merrills (thinking I cannot break my ankle because so many of the ER doctors here are in lockdown!

Having never been up there, what I didn’t know is that the bench is a tribute, with a commemorative plaque, in memory of my friend’s brother.   It’s an altar of sorts, nestled into the Whitecloud mountains, with breathtaking views. Up there with the wind and the birds and the intermittent sunshine, the Spirit of love and support and sisterly love was palpable. I felt gratitude; for many things, including my time in that sacred spot.  (Thank you Kelly.)  To all of us who might need a blessing, or a reminder that this time is a gift, I encourage you to spend some time with John O’Donohue’s beautiful poem (click here): A Blessing for One Who is Exhausted. It, too, is a blessing, to be shared during this time.

Today, find time, quiet, alone, outside in nature if conditions allow.  If not, then inside; listening to your heart, your dreams, your imagination.  Honor what comes up, observe the many blessings around you… especially if you are exhausted.  Somehow, some way, make this Sunday special and sacred.

Here’s an eclectic mixture of music, message, meditation and a too-good-not-to-share “Trump on Easter” impersonation.   Be well🙂 And Enjoy YOUR day. You won’t get another one like it!

Community Church LF/LB “Worship on the Screen” (38 minutes):

“Make It Sacred” Meditation, by Sarah Blondin (12 minutes): https://soundcloud.com/liveawakepodcast/s02-make-it-sacred

“Trumping on Easter” parody (2 minutes): https://mobile.twitter.com/JLCauvin/status/1242515702688485376

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  1. Lisa Whorton

    loved this, and actually watched the community church service. Is Nick Jon Snow? Thought I’d ask. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing. xoxoxoxo

  2. Jen Pen

    Trying to figure out who wrote the CT part?
    Continued hugs and prayers. ❤️🙏
    Loved the church service and the impersonation of 🤮 himself.

  3. Judith

    So wonderful to have the comfort of God and to know He hears us no matter where we are

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