Brace, brace, brace.” That’s what an American Airlines pilot told us passengers over the plane loudspeaker 30 years ago during an emergency landing. Head between our knees, sharp objects outa reach, we all tucked, warned it could be a ‘hard’ landing. Every person on that plane was praying, except the flight attendant, who was screaming.

Today, I will be trying not to let fear and anger be the highly contagious vibration I attach to, even if it is the loudest. It is a day to be kind- to ourselves and others- knowing there will be a lot of unkindness, and accusation. It is a day to look to all the great spiritual masters, who walked the way of peace.

I am asking for help with patience today, and forgiveness, remembering that forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves. Holding onto and defending our pain is a destructive choice. Letting go is the best way to live peacefully.

Might we all pray that peace comes through us, our leaders, our words, and our responses, regardless of what transpires in the days to come.

Below find a link to this daily message and a Novena; Nine days of dedicated practice, as a means of support during this election time. This initiative is for ALL, and is being led by Bishop Michael Curry of the Episcopal Church, in collaboration and faith: