Prayer quiets us down a bit from the chaos and fear we are all contending with right now. And, it promises to bring us peace while we are doing it.

Praying for guidance during election season means guidance beyond which candidates to vote for: Guidance to be our best selves. Guidance to stay humble and listen, and for the reminder that we are all united in wanting the same things:

  • meaningful, love-filled lives.
  • the freedom to decide how we get there,
  • and how we find joy, which includes how we worship and what we observe.

In other words, we are all needing guidance on how to live into the ideals of a nation founded on life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. And with the motto: “In God we trust.”

Below find a link to this daily message and a Novena; Nine days of dedicated practice and today’s prayer for guidance, led by Bishop Michael Curry of the Episcopal Church, in collaboration and faith: