Grace finds goodness in everything.




A favorite song. A word, a force thats hard to pin down. I am thankful for it, even though I don’t entirely understand it. I find myself using the expression, “by the grace of God” a lot, usually referring to something unlikely, like when I’ve done something I didn’t want to do, but that was right. When I’ve had to dig deep and hope that some force bigger than myself will enable me to be the bigger person than I am on my own.

I suspect grace is very present in the wilderness, when we need it most. It’s easy to be scared, and not our best selves.  (Self preservation dies hard!)

God is grace. And God is love, so I guess grace is a kind of abiding, forgiving love.  As the song says,

What once was hurt. What once was friction. What left a mark, No longer stings. Because Grace makes beauty, Out of ugly things.


Where have you seen grace lately? And where have you extended it? Have you thought about where it came from? Thank God for it- Especially in these un-easy times.

This Week's Practice:

Each day is a gift. And time spent in silence is a gift within that gift. The way to tap into the abundance of joy that rests quietly within is to simply be present with it. The time is now; do it for you! Try five minutes today.

This Week's Prayer:

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