Silence is the one spiritual discipline that is found in all world religions”

Father Richard Rohr, founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation



The other night I awoke to a dog wanting to go out, apparently so he could come back in and defecate in my bedroom. Since I was up in the quiet hours of the night, I decided to sit in my front window and looked deep into the night. Wondering. Imagining. In awe. The stars were unusually brilliant, or so it seemed.  As I tapped into that child-like wonder and canvas of infinite possibilities that I dreamed into as a child, what I got was a gift. 

Star gazing, candle gazing, any kind of gazing is amazingly soothing.  Known in Hindi as single-pointed focus, it is a kind of meditation that hones and quiets the mind so the fascinations of our hearts can be better heard. 

This spirit of wonderment is there, always,  waiting patiently for us. It helps us uncover so much more than a google search. 

What can you focus on today- that is mysterious and beautiful, and calms you naturally? Are you able to simply sit- in appreciation, and joy. If not, why not? And why not try?

This week's practice:

Each day is a gift. And time spent in silence is a gift within that gift. The way to tap into the abundance of joy that rests quietly within is to simply be present with it. The time is now, do it for you! Try five minutes today.

This week's prayer:

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