protective mother moose approaching (look in river in the distance for this strong mama cow)

When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”


Yesterday evening I needed to walk the dogs, and myself. I wanted to be near the river and up in the hills where the wildflowers are starting to bloom, so I chose my favorite short loop (Fox Creek.) I do it alone all the time but not usually at 6 p.m. For the first time, ever, it occurred to me~ “hmm, I should respect the time of year, and time of day, and bring my phone, even though I really want to enjoy this little ‘peace of nature’ without distraction. But who knows, I may run into a wildlife situation.” I also grabbed a leash just in case one of the dogs was tempted to run off after something, like a coyote or an elk.

It was a beautiful end of day scene- the river is running high and loud, the sun casting late afternoon light, and the birds chirping away. Without headphones or a human companion, I was uncharacteristically tuned in to these surroundings. As we approached a bend in the trail I noticed my dogs stopped dead in their tracks. And down the river there was a grand sight- a rather large female moose in the river ahead. I was awed, both by the scene I had somehow instinctively imagined might happen, and at my dogs’ stillness, an unusual response to stimuli. My dogs are barkers and chargers- it’s annoying, harassing and embarrassing. (And a total sham because they look like~and are~ the cowardly lion and a cute stuffed animal.)

The three of us were still, engaged in a silent staring contest as the cow (female moose) made her way up the river, until she emerged from the willows just across the shallow portion of the river from us. As she walked I considered turning around, I think at one point I did, but then realized that would actually bring me closer to the place the moose was walking towards. Yikes, she was walking towards us. And as I watched this majestic animal approach, I realized I had no idea what one does in that situation. I have since read–run, and if caught, curl up in a ball and cover your head so as to best endure the pounding. Awesome-sounds like ‘a plan.
Moose cows viciously protect their calves, and the combo of yapping dogs and moose in spring time is nothing to mess with. I snapped the picture above just as this all began. Stupid as I could’ve easily lost my window to grab them.

She sauntered passed us, at a safe distance, but did stop, look up, and turn after every few steps. I proceeded, with one dog in my arms and one on the leash, trying to send vibes of deference while I snuck my own dog mom protective glances behind me, of course.

There were so many good ‘coincidences’ that saved us from a potentially unpleasant scene- my dogs didn’t go crazy, as they usually would, I had a leash, a plan, and I was actually tuned into my surroundings. It was yet another reminder to be present and respect nature… and the power of a protective mother!

I honored Mother Nature, a mother’s moose’s nature, and was thankful for my own motherly instincts. It was a beautiful and peaceful Mother’s Day eve for me, (and the moose.)
Today I wish you the same.

Today is a day to honor, celebrate, enjoy, feel, remember, give thanks, recognize, and embrace the nature of motherly love. All of us.

We’ve all had mothers. Ones who gave birth, and ones who nurtured. And we all have mothered someone or some being at some point: children, pets, siblings, friends, spouses, work associates, neighbors, the elderly, and in this day and age; our own mothers, at the end of their lives.

We all have experience with the vulnerability that comes with mothering; from overwhelming joy, to deep fear and grief. This goes for men as well as women.

I believe, or rather, I know, there is an instinctive mothering nature – to nurture, love, support, champion, hug, and hold – in every human being.

The whole new ‘Age of Aquarius’ thing that we have supposedly recently entered is about just this, moving away from our overly aggressive/productive/competitively-driven world, toward one with emphasis on inclusivity, caring, and support- things that are often associated with the feminine. The Avett Bros refer to this in their song, “New Woman’s World” (some lyrics below.) Gotta love guys who write a song about honoring and considering a more feminine approach to problem solving, and world peace.

Don’t get me wrong, hope ain’t fully gone. Scores of decent men built the road I’m standing on. But a lot of it has crumbled through prideful mistakes. And ashes cover much of what the flooding didn’t take.

I know that we are giving you a lot to straighten out. The silver lining broke away from the thunder cloud. And it took a few thousand years to make a mess so fine. I bet y’all sort it out in less than half the time.

It used to be a man’s world , but we ran outa steam. We couldn’t seem to reach the grace that’s born in every girl. Still I hope that I can lend a hand in this new woman’s world.

Let me know if I can help out in this new woman’s world.

“New Woman’s World”, The Avett Brothers

I do believe this more gentle spirit is amidst us all right now. I am feeling it, and considering what modifications I can make in my life to keep this spirit ~ this gentler, more considerate way~ alive, after Covid-19. (Speaking of 19, my baby boy is 19 today- happy b’day Luke !!!)

It is Mother’s Day. Make it HAPPY–for yourself, and others.
Like a good mother, who puts everything aside to care for those you love, make this a self-care practice as well.
If we wait for all the concerns of mothering to be resolved before we let ourselves enjoy precious moments in our lives, we will never realize them. So today, hit the off switch~ from the dramas, challenges and heartbreaks that come with mothering~ and dedicate some time to honoring the many joys of motherhood. There is so much, and so many, to be grateful for.


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  1. Joyce Foster

    Brought a smile to my face, a tear to my eye and peCe to my heart. Thank you.

  2. Jenn

    Happy Mother’s Day Elinor – enjoy the day and thank you I love reading your posts. ❤️

  3. Ian

    The touching catch of coincidence in story is matched by the striking photo looking like a Pissarro. Happy day!

  4. Ginny

    Happy Mother’s Day Elinor!

  5. Allyn

    Happy Mother’s Day El.
    Beautiful post.

  6. Ross

    Well said Wife. Looking forward to lending a hand on a beautiful day with the family!

  7. Jennifer

    Happy Mother’s Day Elinor! Thank you for enriching this beautiful and challenging journey with your thoughtful posts. Xxo JP

  8. Johnna

    Happy Mother’s Day Elinor ❣️

  9. Ann

    Happy Mother’s Day❤️. May you receive the love that you send out.

  10. Lisa Whorton

    Lovely post, dear Elinor. Our hearts go outside when becoming a mother; from the absolute anguish we feel when things go wrong with our kids, to the utter joy we feel when things go right. We are introduced to feelings never experienced before when that baby
    is born. Here’s to the warriors. And happy mothers day 🙂

  11. Lisa Whorton

    Our hearts go outside when becoming a mother; from the absolute anguish we feel when things go wrong, to the utter joy we feel when things go right. We are introduced to feelings never experienced before a baby is born. Here’s to the warriors. And happy mothers day 🙂 Lovely post, dear Elinor.

  12. Kristen

    Lovely thoughts and beautiful messages.
    Thank you for sharing, Elinor.
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  13. Judy Johnson

    Spot on ,Elinor. Well done. Thank you

  14. Jen Pen

    Happy birthday Luke! 🎉🎈🎂🎁

    E- Thanks for the mother of all posts. 😬

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