“Don’t hold anything too tightly. Just wish for it, want it, let it come from the intention of real truth for you, and if it’s supposed to be yours, it will show up. And it won’t show up until you stop holding it so tightly.”

Oprah Winfrey

If you are reading this it’s because at some point had a thought you’d spend 40+ days reading, reflecting and practicing self care. Weeeell…life kinda got in the way now didn’t it? With Covid, we all had some amount of trouble, or troubleshooting to do with friends/ family/ vocations/ vacations/ graduations and all kinds of situations in this temporary time of turmoil. I use the word temporary, because things do, and did, and will, continue to change.

This is temporary.”

I find this to be one of the most comforting and profound affirmations of all. It reminds me there is always light ahead.

It feels as if we are slowly coming back to life. Surely and hopefully we begin to make our way toward a new normal, extracting the best qualities of quarantine: respect, connection and presence of mind, body, and spirit. And letting go of the worst parts: fear and toxicity.

I went through a stage last week (well I went through about 20 stages,) but one was a kind of grief and fear about going back to daily life. No question there has been magic in so many of these moments. Moments of presence~ of mind, body, and spirit~ and a way of being that I don’t want to lose.
Of course there’s been challenge, too. If you haven’t experienced anxiety, uncertainty, fear, or some kind of inflammatory scenario, well, then you probably haven’t been present to the reality around you. (Fear not, there’s still time!) We have all been profoundly affected by this pandemic, this world- wide feeling of dis-ease has no limits.

Depending on what part of the country you are reading this from, you are likely beginning to transition back into life outside of your shelter.
On the dark side there has been scrutiny, ignorance, and judgment- the shadow characteristics of these diseased times.

On the bright side, there have also been many beautiful and creative solutions that have sprung out of these uncertain times. I believe in the three million possibilities that are growing, in real time, out of the one million challenges before us.

May is a month of contrasts; it is National Meditation Month, and also National Mental Health Month. Seasonally, it is a time of transition, and observance; of new life- in celebration of Mothers Day and honoring the deceased-in Memorial Day. And for me in May, many personal anniversaries. In this week leading up to Memorial Day–the symbolic start of summer, I’d like to put forth a few thoughts on how we might proceed out of this wilderness into a new and real way of life, filled with awareness and care. I liken the season of Covid to the expression of how spring can come and go–in like a lion out like a lamb. Now is a time to be gentle, and forgiving~ to ourselves, and others.

So how exactly are we to proceed gently, boldly, respectfully, cautiously, and confidently with the faith that All Will Be Well? I am going to do this by practicing some of the things I know to be good and true for me, and that support my well being. A thought is in the next seven days, you consider your best practices. From Corona, onward…

I know I need to take my next steps slowly, thoughtfully, deliberately. I’m not ready to spring forward just yet. Instead, I want to cherish and honor the magic of this unique time, with the hope that I am able to preserve some of the goodness I’ve experienced, and carry it forward. I hope you will consider practicing these things with me this week of transition:

  1. Let go, cleanse–our thoughts, our homes, our bodies. (5-18)
  2. Keep faith, and be true to our nature (5-19)
  3. Create- creative expression is the ultimate antidote to the slow death of stagnation (5-20)
  4. Observe-the dynamics at play in our lives and our selves~clearly, kindly, and consciously (5-21)
  5. Be thankful- we chose the lens we see life through. An attitude of gratitude contributes to how we experience life (5-22)
  6. Service- and the reminder in giving we receive (5-23)
  7. Remembering ; the lessons and silver linings of this time, and to stay present. (5-24)

Today’s Self Care: Consider what you can let go of – of waste, junk and anything that is isn’t working for you. Eat clean, think good thoughts, nourish your mind, body and spirit. (You are what you eat, and there’s been no shortage of crap going in lately!)

I am doing a spring cleanse with my friend Deborah Dunne–a holistic health coach. The intention of it is for us to enhance our well-being, shed shelter-in-place pounds, strengthen our immune system, support our liver, eliminate toxins, and reset balance in our bodies, with simple smoothies and snacks.

Join me! You can Register here: www.balancedwellness.nyc/events/ It starts tomorrow!!!

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  1. Jen Pen

    I was thinking of you and your email showed up! 🧡
    I love the To Do list. It’s got the essentials I wanted pre-Covid19. During shelter I had the time and post shelter in place I will go back to making the time for these practices. Thanks for the reminders.

  2. Alisa

    Beautiful and timely, E.

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