Home where my thought’s escapin’

Home where my music’s playin’

Home where my love lies waitin’

Silently for me

– Simon & Garfunkel

Thank you to my multi- talented friend and filmmaker, Allyn Stewart , for writing and sharing the following …

I have always loved the turtle, and for decades I have collected turtle images from around the world.  I started to read about turtle imagery and one ideation struck me; the turtle always has his house with him.   As our cities, our neighborhoods and even our homes feel increasingly foreboding with potential virus, I share the following meditation.

My home is always with me. My home is within.

I have lived all over the world producing movies.  From one day to the next a company says OK we will fund you and within a few days you have uprooted yourself for 5-6 months to a previously unknown city.  Your life turns on its head, as you embark upon the stressful journey of producing a film, most of the time, on your own. My ever so perceptive son, pushed me to get Winston who has accompanied me on my journey for the past four films, it makes a BIG difference. He helps me feel at home, wherever I am.

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The Turtle always takes his house with him. 

My mother raised her 4 girls in the kitchen. It was her way of nurturing.  It was her way of sharing her heart. Every film I make, no matter where in the world, including the bush of Africa, I rent a house so that I can cook for myself, and others. It’s my way of nurturing myself, and my principal crew who have equally uprooted themselves. 

I was in Calgary this past summer through the fall; again my house became the nurturing center for my colleagues every weekend.  What struck me for the first time is how my seeking out the best purveyors of ingredients has helped me make new cities my home. Looking back, I have created that same feeling in Atlanta, Paris, KwaZulu-Natal, Los Angeles… I could go on and on. I become friends with the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker. We create our home wherever we are.

The Turtle always takes his house with him.

Like all of us, I find myself again in an unknown world.  A world that feels increasingly fractured and full of anxiety. Now I find myself quarantined in my home in Ketchum, Idaho.  We have an unusually pervasive outbreak here so we are “sheltering in place”.   My son, most likely, has the virus. Gratefully I have a small guesthouse, AKA the man cave, that is his current domicile.

We are cooking at home, nurturing our bodies with foods to make us strong; I am doing for my son as my mother once did for me. (Hopefully he is learning the value in this, although I do also think I am providing the best room service in the valley.)  With all the uncertainty and fear that is out and about, my sense of place feels increasingly foreign and scary. My son and I are in isolation, and yet we adapt and create our home from six feet away.

The Turtle always takes his house with him.

In these uncertain times, we have an ability to make a home anywhere. A home for our heart, our family and our community.  No matter new circumstances, new fears and new challenges to our survival, we can go inside and feel our center, our home.  In that place, I am confident that we will find our way.

Like the turtle, I take my home with me. My home is within.  

Below are some of the foods and supplements I am taking. My Chinese Medicine Dr. sister has put me on an anti-viral protocol (attached below), and it is keeping us strong, despite likely exposure to Covid-19. Virus Protocol– all available on Amazon.

-Immune Boosting: take daily:

  • Zinc lozenges and zicam nose spray
  • Vit D3 and K 10,000mg
  • Elderberry 
  • Astra Isatis by health concerns
  • Echinacea*
  • Andrographis formula* or Mushrooms(Gamoderma and others) or Phytocillin on Amazon
  • Lomatium ie ViVi drops*

-If around sick people or feeling on the edge, take Isatus Gold

-If virus is setting in (sore throat is more than a hint of one and you are feeling sick):

  • Yin Chao and Gan Mao Ling = Cold Away

-If moves to the lungs (for clearing lungs): * Clear Air; Pinellia for phlegm

-Other support: Cook chopped up whole lemon in honey with a little water to start and add to a hot cup of water (one tablespoon at a time) eating rind (this one is from our Mom and is amazing!) Hydrate! No dairy and sugar!

I also participated in a call last week with Dr. Alejandro Junger, who specializes in building our immune systems. Here are a range of recommended interventions available to boost your immune system:

  • Celery Juice — strong anti-viral, drink in morning on empty stomach
  • Avoid Gluten and Dairy, Minimize Eggs ( Dairy feeds viruses)
  • Vinegar, nuts, seeds,
  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, get as many colors as possible daily
  • Supplements:
  • Liquid Zinc
  • B12
  • Vitamin D3 (10k per day for a while, then down to 5k)
  • Vitamin C
  • Lemon Balm
  • Eldeberry syrup
  • Tumeric Ashwaganda
  • follow Peter Attia on Instagram, Twitter
  • David Sinclair, PHD — good info
  • Saunas are good as heat kills virus

“The Kingdom of God Is Within You”

Luke 17:21

Eckhart Tolle’s shares thoughts & words, inspired from the Bible, on laying a strong foundation and going within for strength and direction.

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  1. Lizzie

    I love the idea that the turtle always has its home. My version of this. With so many moves, displacements, travels, etc, I finally came up with the simple idea that home is wherever I / we are sleeping tonight. Sometimes we have our stuff with us, others we are hauling it cross-country. A hotel, a friend’s home, our place (the most consistent location where we spend summertime) in Portsmouth NH, any place can be home. We make the most of it. For the first time since moving to Lake Placid last summer, our daughter is settling in to our home here. This is likely the longest stretch of uninterrupted time in one place in …. years. Thanks for sharing and hope everyone stays well or recovers soon.

  2. Melinda

    Thank you Allyn for pitch hitting. Love the turtle analogy to home and yes, all of our current homes are taking on new meanings with full occupancy. Which is also a huge blessing. Embrace it if you feel well enough…stay strong.

  3. Cat Caldwell Myers

    Love this! I always say: “home is where the horses are…”. They might not be my own horses, but seeing others grazing makes me feel connected to the wrath, the animals and my fellow man. Now that I have young children, home is where they are… but
    Learning to take it everywhere with us wherever we go is the secret, like the turtle… slowly we win the race I this way: thank you for the insight!!

  4. jen dies

    Thanks Allyn and Tiff! That was such a heartfelt story about the turtle. Stay well! Hope you are feeling better Elinore.

  5. Jen Pen

    Hope you and your family are getting better each day!❤️🙏
    Those of us who have experienced Phantom Lake YMCA Camp know, it’s HOME. 🐢

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