Look at me! Look at me! Look at me NOW! It is fun to have fun but you have to know how.

~ Dr. Suess

kids: what did you work on this summer of corona?
did you build your resume, or work toward that diploma?
was it a summer of internship and resume-building galore?
or did you get to act your age, and spend time outdoors?
covid nineteen took us all by surprise,
killing our plans and productivity, but opening our eyes.
travel sports and performances, and the need to attain
were sidelined as we quieted down and returned to pleasures~ simple and plain.
this time of being present, reminded there’s beauty to be found,
and brought us back to our joyful nature,
which we haven’t had time to show you, is always around!
so sorry for all the loss and grief that continues to plague you
and thank god for the precious moments, that will always be sacred.

stay young. have fun. get wet.

~ be well ~

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  1. George and Cynthia :)


  2. B


  3. Elliott

    Some people just don’t give a damn.
    “Hey! Wear a mask,” cried Sam I Am
    “You may not like it in a park. At the beach, or after dark.”
    Some folks want to be “free” instead.
    Sam I Am just shakes his head.
    “So when you choose…oh, never mind.
    Some people think with their behind.
    I cannot help the blind to see
    The deaf to hear
    Oh, woe is me
    My only answer (should you ask)
    Is just shut up and wear a mask!”

  4. Julie

    A kid at heart. Grateful for virtual Sunday mornings with CCLFLB!

  5. Kristen Van Engelen

    Lil’-Buddy: “But it took me so long to find that perfect eau-de-nature scent…”

  6. Mollie

    Day 5!! Lake Bluff

    Growing up I would complain about rain from time to time. My Dad would remind me that plants, trees, flowers, crops and many more things need the rain. He also said the rain would give us a break from the sweltering heat, and looking at the forecast for the next few days it’s more like in the 80’s vs. the 90″s we’ve had lately. His encyclopedic knowledge of nature in its many forms and his love of the outdoors is one of the many enduring gifts my Dad passed on to me.

    Why am I thinking about my Dad today? No reason in particular. I have noticed that this 40 days head under has inspired me to look inward, reflect, and notice the beauty and blessings around me.

    Today I’m happy to share a 100% authentic, bona fide video of Lake Bluff raindrops falling on my head!

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