Fire, fire, fire, light up ya lighter, fire, fire, fire

Armageddon is a deadly day

Michael Franti

Fire and water are a part of the natural rhythm of things.  We need fire, just not too much of it lest we get burned, and we need water, just not too much of it lest we drown. 

In moderation they are life sustaining; in excess they are deadly. For dogs, plants, and people alike. 

It was a windy ominous day with red flag fire warnings. Finally some cloud cover and even the hope of rain, but instead- big wind and storms, the bad kind- lightning without precipitation. And then a million campers coming out. Fire season is upon us. 

As I hiked and thought about this, along with the state of just about everything feeling like it has, or is threatening, to ignite, I came upon this beautiful area where 7 years ago the Beaver Creek fire tore through. Simultaneously Michael Franti’s “Fire Fire Fire, Light up your lighter” played over my headphones. 

Grateful for the balance and new growth found in nature. Now to find it in these dicey times.

dogs and their mom all got under. cold but awesomely refreshing

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