Fishing. A good way to commune with nature, and an age-old form of sustenance. Especially on a cold day when you don’t want to go in: it feeds us, in many way. As my 15 year old fishing companion said today;

“I just love being on the river.”

“It’s so beautiful.”

Tyler Hurley, 15

No, not a nibble, but we were both well-fed by the experience…

I know a 90 year old who was in the hospital with Covid. He contracted it from another “old” friend who he was visiting with, who then fell ill and needed caring for. In turn, he got quite sick.

With energy waning, just about when it seemed appropriate for goodbyes- he began to regain his strength. He told his son from his bedside that he thought he had ‘more people to love, more ways to serve, more fish to catch.’

True, inspired living.

Thank you, John.