Lord Christ, Lord Vishnu, and all the others of whatever name,
Let everyone in the world who suffers
Have a day off, putting their lips
to the holy wine, to the holy waters.”
~ Mary Oliver

I’d choose the Carribean all day long, but it’s not an option right now. So, I’m seeking sources where I am, (ok, and fantasizing about this!)

My brother used to make all his guests do the polar bear plunge in Maine. I made fun of him and thought it was goofy. Go figure – I’ve warmed up to the idea.

I get it, it’s not everyone’s thing to do the cold thing, or the water thing for that matter. It’s just that being in the water is one of the things I love. So, I made it a predictable feel good moment to have each day, during these days when not much is predictable. If cold is all I have access to, then cold it is. And, I’m learning about its benefits. For me, it’s much better than nothing.

~ do what works for YOU~


~ pay attention to what feels natural ~

My lesson in this- to find something that connects me to an energy that makes me feel alive, and then do it.  A daily ritual or commitment keeps me going, even when I don’t “feel like it.”  And, I get to be fed by and connected to that awesome energy each day, even on hard days.  It’s great practice.

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  1. Jen Pen

    Got my ‘rocktail hour in at the beach. Found a red heart shaped beach glass!!! Pic will be in July’s blog post.
    Yesterday’s favorite water sightings were at the beloved Chicago Botanic Gardens where we saw turtles sunnning on rocks and ducks doing yoga.

  2. Anette McClain

    Nothing like the sound of a mountain river. Love my Idaho backcountry.

  3. BA

    River crusin with old friends works as well

  4. Julie

    Fed by the connection. Grateful to be alive in the great outdoors!

  5. Jen dies

    Doors sitting in the rain with a smiley face sweatshirt count??

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