Lord Christ, Lord Vishnu, and all the others of whatever name,
Let everyone in the world who suffers
Have a day off, putting their lips
to the holy wine, to the holy waters.”
~ Mary Oliver

I’d choose the Carribean all day long, but it’s not an option right now. So, I’m seeking sources where I am, (ok, and fantasizing about this!)

My brother used to make all his guests do the polar bear plunge in Maine. I made fun of him and thought it was goofy. Go figure – I’ve warmed up to the idea.

I get it, it’s not everyone’s thing to do the cold thing, or the water thing for that matter. It’s just that being in the water is one of the things I love. So, I made it a predictable feel good moment to have each day, during these days when not much is predictable. If cold is all I have access to, then cold it is. And, I’m learning about its benefits. For me, it’s much better than nothing.

~ do what works for YOU~


~ pay attention to what feels natural ~

My lesson in this- to find something that connects me to an energy that makes me feel alive, and then do it.  A daily ritual or commitment keeps me going, even when I don’t “feel like it.”  And, I get to be fed by and connected to that awesome energy each day, even on hard days.  It’s great practice.