Yes, sometimes water can be painfully cold. And, it IS hard to get in there. That said- it’s good for you, and been deemed medicinal in most every culture for a very long time. Here are some very good reasons to “Do It Anyway…”

1. Increases Metabolism-

Your body has to work harder to maintain its normal temperature, and as it does, it significantly increases your metabolism.

2. Enhances the Appearance of Skin

Cold water maintains, rather than strips the oils on your skin- it also causes blood to rush to the surface, which gives you a natural, healthy glow. Same with hair and nails.

3. Improves Energy Level

Temperature sensors beneath your skin activate an increased your heart rate and send a rush of adrenaline throughout your body – wakes you up & gives you energy.

4. Enhances Mood

Cold water stimulates the ‘pleasure region’ of the brain- and releases endorphins. Major mood elevater!

5. Reduces Pain and inflammation/helps heal

Cold water reduces the flow of blood to the muscles, allowing them to fill back up with fresh, more oxygenated blood. It also gets the lymph system moving and increases circulation.

6. Boosts Immune Function

Cold water puts your system in a state of mild stress. Your body views this level of stress as somewhat of a mini “workout” and reacts in the same way that it would to the actual physical activity of a workout. As your body responds, it builds immunity to combat actual health threats. People who take2 minute showers 3 times a week have been found to have much higher white blood cell counts than those who don’t! (Good Covid care!)

7. Regulates Your Hormones

testosterone and estrogen, and neurotransmitters too. It’s all about getting those hormones, which regulate just about everything, in check.

Large bodies of water are reliably cold. especially Lake Michigan! (Consider this source, anyway! ) There’s also the cold shower option if you can’t get to the beach every day…just not nearly as much fun …

Go ahead, make my day!

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  1. Jen Pen

    It’s my birthday!🎉
    Sending 💙 love to y’all!

  2. BA

    49 degrees of metabolism cranking joy

  3. Cyndi DuFur

    Head under freezing cold water in Sun Valley Idaho’s Bigwood River this weekend!
    It literally takes my breath away!
    Check out renowned icy waters swimmer Wim Hof ‘s
    inspirational writings on this subject!

  4. Mia

    Redfish Lake, IDAHO

    Truly some of the coldest water I’ve been in, even w a wetsuit it is cold! It takes your breath away and if you don’t remain calm you’ll start hyperventilating. Breathe!

  5. Julie

    Freezing cold water: check. Calm: not. I loved the challenge but cold water has never been my thing…so I spent the day procrastinating the inevitable plunge, reminded of a popular quote by Reverend Tom: “I’m just not wired that way!” Certainly the split-second I spent submerged in icy-cold, lake-cleansing springs wasn’t enough to experience health gains….but I did benefit from a personal reminder: the “lengthy ice baths” Dr. Matt incorporates in his “wellness” ritual will likely never resinate in mine. Instead…things like hot springs, hot tubs and dark chocolate are more likely to cleanse my soul. And while I’m extremely grateful for the clean water cold springs provide, the view from above beats the plunge every time. Perhaps I’ll be more receptive to cold water in my next lifetime?! Until then…thanks, Elinor for pushing my boundaries! Looking forward to Day 7!

  6. Mollie

    Day 6!
    Lake Bluff Beach (Lake Michigan), South End

    Yes, it was a little cold. By Lake Michigan standards however it’s warmer than normal at this time of the year – usually it’s unbearable until mid-late August!

    First dunk…ouch. Second dunk…less ouch. After that I was wishing I’d packed a snack – I could’ve stayed for hours! Why oh why do I not come to LB beach every day? Today might be the start of a new “thing” for me. Less of…”let’s do *something* for Day 6″ and more of “I’m at the beach, like always!”

    Video credit for tonight’s footage courtesy of my faithful four-legger, Ivy!

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