So come to the pond, or the river of your imagination,
Or the harbor of your longing,
And put your lips to the world.
And live
Your life.”

~ Mary Oliver, Red Bird

We made it! 40 days. These 40 days for me were as rocky as expected, with developments and regressions and many, many turns, obstacles, and pivots. Perseverance was required. (especially last night when the weather was cold where I am and the currents strong, adn the whistle blown on me for breaking the rules. Apparently today was a no swimming day…)

The simple discipline of returning to nature each day made the “daze” of Covid 19 clear for me. I was reminded that nature is grounding, and community is essential. And that out natural resources are invaluable, adn we all should be doing everything in our power to preserve them.

For me, rivers, lakes, and pools around the country provided a consistent source of refreshment each day. The true blessing was both in the experience, and in a daily practice of placing my focus with Mother Earth. I am reminded this is essential to my true nature. 

“You don’t quench your thirst by talking about water.” says Matt Dewar, and it’s the truth. Action and contemplation are two sides of the same coin. I experienced the reward that come when we start to embody that which we believe in.  I was reminded to have an attitude for  “just doing it.”  Not a single day was there a regret that I got into, under, and alongside something much greater- in every way- than I am.

My biggest lessons of Covid- physically, mentally, and spiritually were to stay hydrated and nourished by that which quenches my thirst.  And to have a little down time to really think about what it is I thirst for. I don’t think i am quite at a place of being thankful for a devastating pandemic and all the ensuing upheaval and disruption. But, I am  optimistic and assured… in humans, and nature, and the tendency to rise up to any occasion. As a dear friend during a time of unimaginable loss said, “Good will come of this.”  And it’s the truth. And it is the best way forward.

So, for now, a sincere thank you for helping me along through the wilderness of these last 40 days.  I couldn’t have done it without you, and I don’t think I’d be sane if I hadn’t.

Peace, thanks and cheers ~