Exhausted, as in finished, completed, done-all-we-can-do to try to influence or remedy a situation. Researched, worked on, supported, prayed for. The outcome is now out of our control. That’s the kinda exhausted this weird time seems to be yielding.

Trips to Lake Michigan provide a welcome respite from doing what we can to just being. Today with a wind shift the water was calm as can be. The water is cold beneath the surface, and clear, with the ability to see the bottom at 10 feet (not the air though, phew was it hot today- making a dunk after a walk all the more medicinal.)

So great to see and hear from so many taking the opportunity to savior the beauty of this incredible resource. (I did pull off a conference call waist deep today.)

A poignant Covid moment happened as I was leaving the beach after my early morning dip. As I walked along the shore, a very fit man pulled up on his paddle board, I think expecting to step off it into ankle high water. Instead, he fell awkwardly landing half on the board, and worse, half in about 6″ of water. (Ouch!) He was just a few feet from me, and while I was kinda laughing inside, because I’ve been there, I refrained as I think it probably hurt a bit, and that would not be in the spirit of being calm and kind.

“Are you ok?” I asked.

His reply, “I am exhausted…”

“I understand.”

I think we all are a bit fatigued, and it’s not just the heat. Which is precisely why refreshing ourselves each day is important.

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  1. Jen Pen

    I do not want these posts to stop.
    But I want you to have time to rest before another blog wave comes.
    Thank you again for this daily splash of inspiration.

    1. 40waysofpeace

      thanks Jen- exhausted by covid times, invigorated by daily plunges and reflections. thankful for your encouragement and supportthroughout.

  2. Julie

    If by exhausted you mean under water without a lifeline and a foundation lingering somewhere in clouds above the tree lines then, yes, I am exhausted. But life has taught me to never give up hope. To keep on climbing. Onward and upward. Grateful for Elinor’s inspiration to forge ahead for 40 days and more!

  3. Julie

    Keep on rising CCLFLB…every time you fall. Grateful for community!

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