“It’s so wonderful to watch an animal, because an animal has no opinion about itself. It is.”

Eckhart Tolle

I was at the dentist getting my teeth cleaned. Before starting the hygienist and I spoke of the home schooling situation, the teachers unwilling to go to work (as she sticks her hands in my mouth we talk about being at risk, stepping up to the plate, being and acting essential and responsible when called to do so.) We both got a little depressed, so she changed the subject. “You have any animals she asked?” And then proceeded to tell me some hilarious stories about hers.

Thank God for them. They add levity, humility and joy to life. And shifting your focus to them is a sure fire way to soon be smiling.

Domestic pets have it good. Their life: Eat, drink, run, love, sleep- repeat. And, the wild ones; they gotta a little more muscle in ’em. They’re survivors- forever adapting. Light on ego, long on teamwork. In all ways, animals are our teachers.

Need: Water

“Just watching an animal closely can take you out of your mind and bring you into the present moment, which is where the animal lives all the time — surrendered to life.”