Now there’s a tall order. Most of the conversations I am having these days are honest ones. And to be honest, they are not a lotta fun. It’s not easy to shine when you’re sinking, taking in water all over the place.

So now what? There’s a meteor careening towards earth hitting us just before the election. Well alrighty then.

You know what that “Shine” card is? It’s the card I sent to my pen pal.  Pen, as in penitentiary.  I thought an uplifting message might give him a lift. It felt good to send it, and particularly sad to see it come back four weeks later, unseen by him because I guess the card has a small bit of glitter on it. No glitter allowed in the pen. That was deflating: For me, and I am sure for my pen pal, too. I wonder if the person who had to enforce that rule saw the sadness in having to send that back. I understand the need for rules, there just seem to be a lot of them right now. Feels as if we are long on them and short on living, and carrying on safely, which I think is the intention of most of them .

So many rules so little information, and worst of all; so much fear based living.  I hate seeing the fear winning. I hate seeing people with creative and hopeful dispositions being knocked down by bureaucracy. I hate rules for the sake of rules, without an ear of consideration that maybe it’s time to make amends with some of them, and to them. And most of all, I hate to see so much destruction, and so many who have inspired me looking and feeling hopeless. For good reason, might I add.

So there’s today’s blog–Starting off with the word “Shine” and ending with the word hopeless. Yikes~  Not gonna let that happen.

Instead, I shall practice what I am preaching, with a practice of return. I am headed to the lake very shortly to get refreshed. I AM THANKFUL for the opportunity to practice keeping faith in the things that I BELIEVE WILL keep the world going forward; namely hope, community and love. With the greatest of these being LOVE. 

Shine on brothers and sisters! “You can sing this song…” We can sing this song…

JT, at home in Martha’s Vineyard (1977)
JT, at home in Montana (2020)
photo credit: dick christoph, Lake Michigan sunrise 08/20