“A man of wisdom delights in water.”


The many ways of being by the water. Swimming, surfing, paddle boarding, playing in the sand. Meditating, mediating, marveling at the people watching–all types! It’s been a heck of a week, with no shortage of anxiety. Back to school. (Kinda.)  Back to work. (Kinda.) Back to biting your lip and diggin deep and trying to appreciate different vantage points, while navigating the ever changing rules, regulations and tidbits of information on this whole cluster of a situation. 

Who. woulda. Thunk. 

Thank God for the water, to wash it all away- if even for a few minutes. Thank God for the wind in the trees, and the birds, and the crickets and all the life and abundance that we can find in, and near, and because of water.

Truly- grounding, and life-giving.  Consistently so, appreciated now, when just about nothing else is.

~ ~ ~