We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one.

Jacques Cousteau

It is easy to forget this. I must try to remember. The ebbs and flows of life~~ Easy going when the flow appears to be in the right direction; A bit harder when we feel we are repeatedly swimming upstream. 

I was talking with my friend at the beach yesterday, before taking a swim. Commenting on the beauty of Lake Michigan – as clear as I ever remember it, in 50 years of being in and alongside it. The temperature is perfect~  at about 74 degrees. Temporarily refreshing and then, simply delicious. Easy to get in, hard to get out. I think that’s because when we’re in water, we are free and supported, and able to catch a break–from the heat, the chatter, technology, even gravity~ and all that is a drag these days, which is much.

Such calm and beauty stands in contrast to life on terra firma these days, as we navigate through muck and mud, with pitfalls and dark woods that it’s easy to get turned around in. Nature reminds me to hang on, and trust the process.  The natural order of things is just that, straight and forward.

Our Creator was no dummy in covering the earth with 70% water ~~ matching the make-up of our bodies, and our need for quiet, stillness, depth and reflection. These are my deep thoughts today from the bottom, about nine 9 feet down from the buoy, to be exact.