Out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope.

Dr. MArtin Luther King

Job loss, arrest, profiling, empty nests, break up, illness, and change, galore – all things I’ve heard from friends in recent days. Feels like we are all battling on many fronts.

Today’s reflection is just that, a reflection. No under water access for me- just a few stolen moments- listening, observing, believing, and honoring others who have endured difficulty, with peace and grace.

I’m trying to put my energy on the positive, in hopes of tipping the scale. Why? Because it exists, so why not? Doesn’t mean I ignore or internalize the ridiculous and outrageous, just trying to let it roll off a moment or two sooner…trying to remember forgiveness and letting go is a gift we give to ourselves.

And if I’m on a road trip and can’t get in water- well then some reflection, observation, and a cold shower when it”s 100 degrees out- this is enough to keep me going today.

Dr. Martin Luther King Reflection Park, Memphis, TN

A promise:

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”  ~MLK

video, in front of MLK park reflecting pool, which, if it doesn’t open- trust me, light dancing the murky water was really cool. (Technology- enabling, and agitating!)

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  1. Carey

    All so true. They say you find what you look for, so yes, I’m just trying to look for the positive whenever possible. Sometimes it may be overwhelmed by all the negative, but it is there. xo

  2. Lee Verville

    Sittin’ on the dock of the bay watchin’ the tide, roll away. No better use of time


  3. Julie

    “A stone of hope from a mountain of despair” —hand painted gift from a survivor. Big shout out to the “House of Peace” and all those who have the courage, strength and will to forge ahead from unimaginable depths of despair in an “arc toward justice.” We all teeter vacillating between the “first” and “second” voice in our heads: “When it rains it pours”….”This too shall pass.” …”If it’s not one thing it’s another.“…”It’s water under the bridge.” Letting go with grace in the name of peace — the name of wellbeing — is gift, one that needs to be nurtured with practice. To quote my husband quoting a wise soul: “For every negative thought follow it with three positive ones.” He’s right. Positive energy is infectious — within and with others. It’s healing. It’s transformational. Kudos to the teachers who lead the way and enlighten us with their gifts. Grateful for Elinor — her daily reflection and inspiration! Looking forward to tomorrow’s post! Thank you!!!

  4. Jen Pen

    Sadly I have an ear infection due to my underwater shenanigans.
    But the beach coughed up huge chunks of glass tonight including this 💙.
    Thank you for this space and your thoughts.
    Yes. Lots of losses around me as well.
    Just watched the movie, “Happy. Thank you. More please.”

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