Each day’s an open door

Yeah, what am I waiting for?

Ronnie Milsap

Country legend Ronnie Milsap inspired me yesterday. Not just because his lyrics are motivating, but also because he lives fearlessly…and he is blind.

It’s easy to get stuck, and to justify complacency- because, well, I think we all were conditioned to be conservative. And that’s ok- conservative and responsible are good. Caged and uncreative, not so much. When I’m uncertain I look for signs. Like the other night, when I couldn’t ignore the three shooting stars that swept the sky during a contemplative moment.

I have a friend who is psychic intuitive. (One of my paid friends as my husband calls him.) We are like-minded in many ways. He leads meditations and talks about tuning in to spirit, as he says, and looking for signs- especially when you are at crossroads in your life. “But don’t just note their presence,” Andrew says. Go deeper. “Go beyond ‘that butterfly or feather or song on the radio makes me remember them,'” and into “what would they say or do or hold as their ideal, were they still alive and here with me now?” And remember as you do this~ that they are!

The other day I saw feathers in the surf that had meaning to me. What are you seeing and hearing today? Remain open. Opportunity and direction are nearby.