Do you have patience to wait until your mud settles, and the water is clear? Can you remain unmoving until the right action arises by itself?

Lao-Tzu, Tao-de-Ching

I dunno. Therein lies the big question. I really dunno. Seems to be my answer for everything these days. It’s the uncomfortable, uncertain, boring, annoying, anxiety producing truth of Covid. And a blessing, all at the same time. No attachment to plans or outcomes. Just floatin’ along getting comfortable scrapping our best laid plans. (And surviving the experience.)

The water and the reliable peace I find there is helping to bring joy and structure and a few moments of clarity each day. And it’s refreshing to be somewhere and not get asked about antibody tests or school openings or my opinions on anything for that matter.  It’s respectful that way.

I have come to respect water, and my elemental need for it. In the last months it has flushed away disease, hydrated me, and delivered nourishment and rejuvenation to my cells and spirit. A forgotten detail of my experience with Covid– insatiable thirst. Go figure, it is water, and it’s consistency, that is restoring me.

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  1. Jen Pen

    Covid IS puzzling.
    Thanks for your photos, shares and space for community. 💙

  2. kristine

    Yes, water brings us peace… being back in the womb.

  3. Julie

    Plunged due east at the crack of dawn ahead of 12+ hour road trip. Brrr. Cold. Instant caffeine-like jolt. Eye-opening. Refreshing. Thrilled to be on the open road. The peace. The quiet. The solitude. The “good” kind of alone. Cranked the music. Belted lyric after lyric without hitting a single note yet not deterred to sing on. Oh, the joy music brings! Songs resonate. Like Kane Brown’s new release, “Worldwide Beautiful.” Certainly a “walk-up” song! And while Maren Morris’s, “My Church” may not pass the “walk-up” test it definitely clears the “road-song” one! Hours past like minutes as deep lyrics cleansed my soul, one song after another. Grateful for XM radio. Grateful for the resilience my kids demonstrate as we embrace “ab-normal.” Online learning may not be ideal but it beats no access to learning. Cheers to “Plan B, mud and all!” Cheers to sunrise! Looking forward to Elinor’s post in the morning and what the day may bring. Grateful!

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