“Do not be afraid”


It’s written over and over again in the Bible. ‘Do not be afraid.’ Said, channelled, reiterated throughout. I think it should be a commandment. (Perhaps some amendments are in order. After all, the times are a-changin’.)

An interesting Covid observation/inspiration: those I know that have the most reason to be scared right now, are the most even and optimistic. Conservative and cautious for sure, but also self-assured; quietly observing and accepting limited new norms, and appreciative of precious moments that have come out of Covid.  Seriously cool.

I spent a couple hours waterfront yesterday with a friend, who, because of a compromised immune system, hadn’t been out in five months. He was full of joy… recounting childhood stories, reflecting, appreciating, and engaging children passing by.  “Life feels so normal here,” he said, and it did. People were letting go- living responsibly-  but not from a place of fear.  It felt healthy and right to be there.

~ ~ ~

Yesterday was a good day to be alive. (So is today!) The beach is a wonderful place to witness that.