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So many great programs out there for meditation. 10% happier seems to be a popular one. I am a Sarah Blondin fan, Ram Das. So many ways to find peace, and help support one another through these turbulent times. I had to appreciate this email I got today- title and all. Surfing the Tsunami of Change (click on the title for link to another inspirational collection of meditations and reflections available this week by Wisdom Feed.) Hats off to our young people for being adaptable and creating opportunities and solutions in these wild conditions. I guess you needed the opportunity to show us what you’ve got. Surfs up, that’s for sure…and so are you! Thanks, and keep hanging loose ~

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  1. Jen Pen

    I’ll admit it.
    I had floaty toy envy.

  2. Julie

    Inspired by Elinor’s post as we “learn to surf the tsunami of change.” Thankful for Dr. Matt’s sermon; his enlightenment of our internal capacity to slow down when the world speeds up by practicing stress management from the inside out with skillful breathing.” Grateful for CCLFLB’s virtual Sunday service, farm-to-table Sunday brunch and peaceful afternoons.

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