because guess what? you gotta seek it and believe it

“Some days are better than other days,” sings Michael Franti. 

Some days are hard, especially these days.  It’s hard not knowing what’s next, let alone how to respond, and navigate these turbulent waters. The summer of Covid and quarantine is nearing an end and we are entering a new season of Covid and cautionary living. Cooler temps and back to school will soon bring a new reality. Getting out in nature, let alone in water, falls low on the list of urgent logistics to be addressed. But maintaining routine and respecting my need for connection and joy is essential, for me anyway, so I’m sticking with this ritual. 

Today was one of those hard days. Full of meetings and difficult conversations, and logistics and time getting away from me. I was near the water a few times, but without a suit on, so I couldn’t get in. Later when the storm clouds rolled in and the temperature dropped, I considered skipping driving to the beach for an evening plunge. Just before throwing in the proverbial towel, I motivated to go. Doing so felt as good as the plunge itself. I am reminded not to wait to be in the mood to do something, but instead to just do it, and see how quickly my mood adjusts.

What nourishes you and brings YOU joy? Might you consider finding time to be nourished and joyful each day?