Dave goes for it. That’s a cold one!

Thinking it is going to be a heck of a week ahead. For many, including myself, there’s movement, school announcements, children leaving the nest. Feels a bit like we are emerging from a hybernation, but the bleak conditions have not quite subsided. We are all stumbling into our own wildernesses… “our new AB-normals.”

I am thankful for a consistent grounding ritual which brings my blood pressure down and refreshes me- each day.


“Well, there’s everything new under the sun
There’s nothing you can do when there’s nothing to be done
It’s just water
Only water
It’s just water under the bridge
Try to let your heart be free
‘Cause life’s too short for you to waste it
Worrying about what used to be”

– Carole King, Water under the Bridge

Bye bye mountain rivers, onto, and into, great lakes…