day 10 time at trail creek and a plunge

Seriously? Thats it? It’s been only 10 days! Aargh.

Going easy on the writing, and staying focused on my practice, of connecting with nature and feeling grounded each day, by water. I won’t pretend it is always easy to motivate, but I’m hitting a stride and just doing it — taking the river route home, keeping a towel in my car, finding my source most days. I did skip going in on the 57 degree fishing day. Just standing in the water was enough that day. Rituals are healthy. Becoming stringently religious, and overly proud about them, is not.

As long as I live I’ll hear waterfalls.

John Muir

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  1. Catherine

    Just being near is relaxing – not exactly in but on and near today:)

  2. Julie

    Inspired by Elinor’s challenge, the tranquility of water and Dave’s message from Community Contemplation this morning: nurture your inner-kid self. Heard (and felt) the “waterfall.” Grateful!

  3. Jen Pen

    Feeling nostalgic.
    Got this at an estate sale.
    Thanks for your blog Elinor.
    The July post for “my dog’s blog” is up for the link through my name.

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