“He that will not sail till all dangers are over must never put to sea.” 

― Thomas Fuller

Another week ahead, filled with hope. (Hopefully! )

Friends around the country report breaks in the weather.  Boating, gardening, spring cleaning, tennis and golf with loved ones. 

And, it continues to be a strange time, no question. I was playing doubles tennis the other day with my kids on courts near our house and some golfers walked by and scolded us, “No Doubles!” (I’m not even sure that is a “rule”/hard to keep up with the “rules,” these days.) But, I AM sure I was playing with people I’ve shared thermometers, meals, hugs, and bathrooms with, almost exclusively, for the last 2 months. 

Not worth the energy to reply.  But, there wasn’t anger there, like we might have found 2 weeks ago.  There was more consideration in that exchange, with all involved, which I have to think is a reflection of an overall diminishing level of anxiety. (Hopefully!)

Feels like we are making our way back. I’ve got faith that we are ~ emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  Covid – 19 is not over. But it does feel that the curve is flattening, which in my mind was always our intention.  People are living more responsibly, too.

Life is opening up here in Idaho. We feel fortunate to be coming through it.  Not blindly and fearlessly, just hopefully and optimistically. 

Most here think they’ve had it.  The arrival of reliable testing is starting to substantiate that. Information really is power.

For me, I am going with something I heard Dr. Fauci say, which is that ‘every virus on earth has provided some amount of immunity for some period of time.’

Obviously that amount of time is unknown, but, personally, I am going with the hope, prayer, and educated guess, that this novel Corona virus acts like all other viruses.  I am not partial to the alternative doom and gloom / “End of Days Scenario” which does little more than paralyze us all with fear. 

Not smuggley declaring it’s over, and that there won’t be new developments and setbacks and fears. Just naming the hope I am feeling in the air, and I hope you are all finding too. Maybe it’s with a social distance connection of love and laughter, or in a warm spring day, chirping birds, a red bud, magnolia or aspen tree, reminding you that new growth and joy always show back up, especially on the heels of dark days. It’s part of the natural flow of life.  It’s wonderful to hear and see most everyone experiencing a little spring in their step again. 

My other hope and prayer is that I head into these new days and years ahead with renewed perspective, and a long and strong memory of what life before this Corona was like.  I know I, for one, found myself on overdrive, and jacked up on cortisol too much of the time.

So the intention is to proceed, not like a train barrelling ahead in a predetermined matter, but more like a sailor should, assessing conditions, respecting nature, and making adjustments in order to move forward with efficiency and grace. 

The true nature of this virus seems to be about letting go, of a lot. It’s not lost on me that the most noteworthy and terrifying symptom of Covid-19 is breathlessness. But not just shallow breathing or respiratory coughing. There’s a rigidness, a fibrosis, an inflammation of sorts that sets into your lungs. You can’t efficiently get carbon monoxide out of your lungs, in order to get new fresh oxygen in. The letting go is the most essential part of this exchange; healthy balance cannot be achieved with out it.

Scary as it is, you almost always have to let go of something in order to make room for something new, and refreshing. 

My sister in law does this with her closet.
Right now, thousands of Covid patients are trying to do this with their next breath.
And hopefully, each of us will do this each hour, each day, each month going forward.
From here on out!

Meditate on this short story. It’s worth reflecting on…

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  1. CBY

    Nice to see this in my inbox this am!

  2. Ginny

    So happy to read you feel well enough to play tennis, Elinor. 😘

  3. Jane

    Love the Simbari ❤️

  4. Susan

    A welcome does of optimism!!!

  5. Pam

    I love the story!

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