LIfe consists of extremes; it is a tension between the opposites. To be exactly in the middle forever means to be dead. The middle is only a theoretical possibility. Only once in a while you are in the middle, as a passing phase. It is like walking on a tight rope. You can never be exactly in the middle for any length of time. If you try, you will fall. To be in the middle is not a static state, it is a dynamic phenomenon. Balance is not a noun, it is a verb. It is balancing. The tightrope walker continuously moves from the left to the right, and from the right to the left.


       We are all looking for balance.  Life is almost never in perfect balance, but is a constant state of adjustment toward it. Balance is the thing you do in order to achieve equanimity, the embodiment of calm and evenness amidst the storm.  Not easy. Lotsa weather coming your way. 

        Today is all about you, a day of rest. God knows you need it. (I mean really, “who do you think you are?”  That’s not a very nice thing to hear, but if we look at it through that lens, that even God took time to rest on the 7th day, who do we think we are?) It’s a commandment! Start with resting from technology~ I’ll suggest it every Sunday.

      Have you ever heard of ayurveda? It is a practice of self-healing, the sister science of yoga. What I love about it is that it is all about balance. In modern culture we are so incredibly hard on ourselves; we convince ourselves we are being selfish when we take needed breaks to rest and restore our bodies. We need balance to our hard driving go-go-go “pitta” culture.

        Pitta is one of three dosas~qualities or energies of sorts~ found in ayurveda. We all have all three with one or two that predominate. There is no “right way to be,” just in balance and true to our own nature. Pitta is the masculine energy, the hard-driving, firey, productive,  competitive nature. Vata, has an airy spiritual creative quality, while kapha is rooted, grounded and steady. They all make up the whole of who we are, and any one of them can get out of balance in us. What I love is the respect for the fact that we are all made slightly differently; the key is what helps us find the balance that is right for each of us.

             What tells you when you are out of balance? Your Weight? Drinking? Eating? Working too much? Exercising too much? Not sleeping? Too much social media? Video games? Too much yoga  or spiritual seeking? (That’s a thing too! Any of our senses can get out of balance, even our sixth sense.) Take an honest look. Pat yourself on the back for looking for more peace. That is your God given right.  Where are you out of balance? What correction might you make? And what’s the offset to that? Here are some ideas:

  • Drink herbal tea instead of wine a couple nights, create the same ritual around it. I’m into the CBD honey too. Originally got it for my dogs (no joke,) now I put it in my tea. 
  • Go be outside instead of spending time on technology. Bundle for it, don’t blame the weather.
  • On technology-you know when you are out of whack. It can be a slow bleed, but you know. Comitt to time away from your phone. Start leaving it behind today. In the car when you go to church, yoga, the grocery store, a game. 
  • Ayurvedic things I do every morning: Tongue scrape and Triphala powder in water, netti pot and nasya oil in to clear sinuses, dry brushing and hot shower with a splash of cold at the end, sesame oil afterward. Warm lemon water. This simple nourishing regimes have helped me find balance with fewer colds, better digestion and a little weight loss. Benefits of moving toward balance.

Some resources:

Banyan Botanicals has great products and some general education on ayurveda.

Read Balance Your Hormones, Balance your Life by Claudia Welch and The Medical Medium (or anything) by Anthony William. I suggest approaching these books gently, with and for balance. There’s no one magic pill, food, or approach. 

I’ve linked a four-minute book recap of Seeking Refuge by Tara Brach below. (Ask Ann Barbour about her in comments, as she studies with her.)

Download and listen to the Osho Meditation App, A Course in Meditations for great recorded messages. Day 4 on Balance is a favorite, with some great analogies and thoughts. I hope you find some nuggets as I have. (Disclaimer: He’s different.) 

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  1. Ann Barbour

    Elinor, what a lovely post and it resonates on so many levels. I love the Sunday theme of rest, putting down electronics and getting out into nature. I’m sure you’ve heard it but I love thinking about where I’m coming from and when I’m in EGO, I keep in mind the phrase Edging God Out. I am with you each day but on Sundays specifically I join you in the practice of rest. Thanks for your beautiful words, you have so many lovely valuable resources you’re sharing. I love it. Namaste.

  2. Ciara

    Wonderful post this morning. Thank you! Wishing you a serene Sunday.

  3. Jen Pen

    Go to Love that Spice in Highland Park for tea!!! Tell Marlena Jen sent you! ?

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