Creating. There is nothing more important. Period. It feeds your soul- it connects you to your truest self- incredible things are born of it. Quite simply, it’s divine. We’d lost sight of that, but sheltering in place drove many of us back home to it. Cooking, crafting, nesting, drawing, designing, gardening, photographing, writing, painting, baking, birding, building, beading, pranking, playing, composing, zooming, stitching, sporting, imagining, dreaming. Whatever you do, Don’t Stop Creatin’ After Quarantine!

Nephew Will Addington (16~ Dorset, VT) composes and plays his way outa quarantine…

Brother Brooks Addington takes a break from selling my favorite drink Töst as he perfects the nightly olive plunge during Quarantine!

I know neither the pandemic, nor the full quarantine are “over.” But, times seem to be a-changin’ as we take baby steps out of sheltering in place. This time has been one for the record books, and so has our return to creation. We have all been reminded of the importance of it. Stay creative. It’s the best way forward!!! And make sure it is part of YOUR new norm!

Today’s Practice: Create! In some way shape or form. Document your creations-Apple iPhoto videos couldn’t be easier–make a folder of some Corona Quarantine photos then put it to music. Easy peasy. 15 minutes~~you got it! (ok truth be told, 15 minutes to make, an hour of failed uploading attempts. Was my “Tin Cup moment.” grrrr ~ as close as I can get to my Fleetwood Mac Version complete with Don’t Stop Believin

“Not only do we ask the bigger things to shake and wake us up, but we trust that creating is our spiritual destiny, the road that leads to enlightenment.”

Pam Grout, Art & Soul

Final Meditations~ the Lenten extension of “Clarity in 2020”:

  1. Let go, cleanse–our thoughts, our homes, our bodies. (5-19)
  2. Keep faith, and be true to our nature (5-20)
  3. Create- creative expression is the ultimate antidote to the slow death of stagnation (5-21)
  4. Observe-the dynamics at play in our lives and our selves~clearly, kindly, and consciously (5-22)
  5. Be thankful- we chose the lens we see life through. An attitude of gratitude contributes to how we experience life (5-23)
  6. Service- and the reminder in giving we receive (5-24)
  7. Remembering ; the lessons and silver linings of this time, and to stay present. And peace out~ (5-25)


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  1. Jen Pen

    Awesome post.
    Sorry I read it a day late.
    I was busy creating a collage with magazine clippings. 😘

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