“Just Do it!”

~ Nike

Well.. a nice long succinct paragraph gets deleted into the void of cyber space. If that’s not a message from the universe…

Here’s the deal: Keep it simple. If being in nature is your thing, and your meditation, something that grounds you and makes it feel real– Then welcome! And namaste.

Thank you for communing with me, and many, in connecting to something that feels reliably real~ Mother nature. It is elemental to our well being. or to mine anyway. Grab a friend-a family member, young or old. And be reminded as to what it is that feeds you, cleanses you, rejuvenates you, and reminds you of who you are. And put your head under water, every day for 40 days.

This challenge is not a competition, it is a welcome home. Naturally.

For me, communing with nature feels good. And doing so with my kids, at a point in time when I am having the opportunity to show them what really matters to me, is nothing short of a gift. I love the water. To me, it brings elemental, fundamental joy. And attaching ritual to that reminds me that even when the whole world seems to be a bit crazy, I can choose this.

So if this might resonate with you- I invite you to join me and mine in sharing this commitment to getting into and under water for 40 days. Make it whatever feels comfortable. Sacred, inspired, or simply playful. One thing is for sure, regardless of your intention, a little time out in the elements is certain to feed you mind, body, and spirit. The one requirement- keep it simple, and fun, and authentic to your being.

I’ll post every day ’til Labor Day. That’s 46 days- just like Lent. That’s 40 days with a few free-best. Or as my daughter requested, a few days off when need be. (Whose to say Jesus and Muhammed and Noah didn’t take a break from their “40 days” of rejuvenation? Not me!) The bottom line is to be inspired, and connect with what you love, and those you love. And to enjoy. Cheers-thanks, peace. And here we go ~

Ugh- all fired up to do what we’ve done many times before, and then fear sets in. ‘Tis human nature, and the nature of getting older. Forget that! Go with it…go for it…especially if it makes your kids laugh (What the heck?!)

Here’s the deal. I am most certainly not posting my big ol terrified body in a bathing suit every day for forty + days. Please send your inspirations- written, photos or videos to make up the content of this challenge. You can post below (videos of 10 seconds or less and/or send to me to use in future postings.) Takes a village, and being in community. Please post, comment below, or send to info@40daysofpeace.com

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  1. Jen Pen

    Jesus washed feet. I’m gonna get my feet under water for this challenge. Lake Michigan is cold y’all and it was raining and in the 70s! Not happening. But I did walk barefoot in the shoreline surf. I found an angel wing shaped piece of beach glass!!!

  2. Y

    Happened to be by water yesterday….so soothing!

  3. Richard

    Thank you for your message!

  4. Brooks

    Walking on water….

  5. Julie Davis

    Day 1: Head Under in Wisconsin!

  6. 40waysofpeace

    trail creek ketchum, idaho
    post hike dunk w/dogs

  7. Bex Wilkinson

    My sweet dog Sugar learning that Hot Springs are for her! Does taking a bath count? I do that daily- def. getting out side daily. But in lakes and rivers daily?I could try!

  8. Lisa

    video is awesome. And I skipped ahead to Day 2. Get it now…..GREAT idea. Thankful to be a part of it 🙂

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