What do you say, Percy? I am thinking of sitting out on the sand to watch the moon rise. It’s full tonight.

So we go and the moon rises, so beautiful it makes me shudder, makes me think about time and space, makes me take measure of myself: one iota pondering heaven.

~ Mary Oliver, “The Sweetness of Dogs”

“It’s just another manic Monday”

Or not…Winter seems to be going out like a lamb for once in Chicago, with some semblance of spring weather simultaneous to springing forward. 

Today is the Full Worm Moon. Maybe you saw it last night in the sky–if not check it out tonight. Make it your meditation. Walk the dogs, go down to the beach, get out in nature and spend some time in her light.
In its fullness, the moon is perfectly aligned with the earth and the sun, thus its surface is fully illuminated.  It’s a supermoon–the first of three consecutive months of them, and the Worm Moon, which is a Native American reference to the time of year where the earth softens enough that the worms are out.  And the foraging robins now too.
Throughout the ages, the moon has been associated with the femine; soft, spiritual, wise, passive, reflective.  Historically, “she” has been known for its Divine femine qualities, particularly emotion, intuition, and the deeper, unseen parts of our being.

  Her divinity has been honored, supporting the spiritual, emotional and intuitive parts of us. Somehow we have isolated this energetic source of strength, writing it off as woo woo or sacrilegious, forgetting God created the whole universe, including the moon and stars and all things beyond our human understanding. The moon has been honored and romanticized throughout history and all traditions, and yet we are presently missing out on the peace she has the possibility of putting forth.  So, as usual, your choice. Think about it, see how it feels to consider. How does the Moon affect you? Are you open to her reflection? See what her cycles do to the tides? Remember you are 70 percent water yourself (in fact you have the exact saline content as the oceans.)  Why would you not be affected by it?
The full moon, at the end of a waxing cycle peaks in her fullness before she begins a waning cycle is all about letting go, and releasing anything that does not serve our spiritual growth.  Consider this an invitation, and an opportunity.

And don’t make it a Manic Monday. Instead, breathe, spend some time outside, find the moon. Reach out and then back in, trusting this natural force.  Stay still.  Open yourself to the possibility that maybe there’s some big ol’ Moon energy today that could be transformative, if you let it be.

More food for thought: https://medium.com/prodigal11/6-ways-following-moon-cycles-can-deepen-prayer-cbaf42926a35

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  1. Jen Pen

    I see the moon
    And the moon sees me
    God bless the moon
    And God bless me.

    Thanks Elinor!

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