“I have the power to activate inner peace by instructing my mind to be still instead of giving in to stressful thoughts.

I can rule my mind gently and firmly with daily practice.

I have a wonderful mind and I choose to guide and direct it in the direction of peace and joy by taking a positive approach to life today.

I simply say to my mind, peace, be still “

– Jacob Glass , from The I AM Meditations

This sign is for back country skiers, but it kinda applies to all of us. I was driving back from getting a mask for someone who was transporting another to the “Covid Clinic” where she was hoping to “check in,” and I couldn’t help but stop and take this picture. I texted it to the friend who is now in the hospital, receiving oxygen and fluids to combat her Covid-19 pneumonia. She self-rescued, for sure. Maybe a little later than ideal. Lesson there is, now is not a time to be too embarrassed, too humble, too self conscious to lean in for help, be this for your mental health, or your physical health, or any of the afflictions rippling away from Covid-19. Check in regularly, with yourself and with others. You may need to self-rescue.

Corona sucks. You couldn’t make up a worse disease. I mean it; it really & literally sucks the life out of us in every possible way. The disease, the fear, the known, the unknown. I think the unknown is the worst. What’s the saying? A little information is more dangerous than none at all. I agree. The stats are terrifying. I would like to add they are incomplete, which makes them even worse. And rather than being able to draw near each other, our instinct is to fear each other. It is not a disease that fosters compassion.

The fear is paralyzing people. I see it in friends with the virus, and in those without. To be honest, it’s worse in those who don’t have it or don’t have reason to think they it–cleaning every surface as they go, trying to eradicate the invisible monster. I have to say, there is a level of breath holding we have stopped doing in our house when some of us were first sick and others weren’t. “You all probably have it” was slightly relieving to hear from the doctor. (Not that I took it personally that my daughter would cover her mouth with her sweatshirt and run by me in the hallway:) We aren’t comfortable with the unknown.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not immune to getting freaked out about this. I am experiencing first hand how much it is sucking out of those around me. And me too. So no, I am not resting easy as an automatic default. No way. I’m not that ignorant.

What I am trying to do, and to encourage to my family do, is to practice cultivating peace of mind. This we can control. Through our breath, and through self care. Anything is possible- I just got a twenty year old male to take a salt bath.

It takes practice and persistence. One news article, one bad story, one more school canceled ’til the end of the year, and we find ourselves getting carried away into more uncertainty. No matter how you are in it, or what you are fearing, reel in your thoughts; bring yourself back to the present moment, and make it a good one. We can do that with our breath. One long slow soft cooling breath in through our nose. One longer warm breath out through our lips.

Breathing in, I calm my Body

Breathing out, I smile.

– Thich Nhat Hanh

Now is all we have dominion over. It’s our reality.

It’s going to be a helluva week. It already has been, and it’s only Tuesday morning. Accept that. Manage by preparing for it. Take time each day, no each hour, to check in on your well-being. (Set your alarm on your phone if you have to.) Take long slow healing belly breaths in; imagine or do something good; stop and listen to a song. Eat some fruit, walk outside, listen to the birds, spend time with your dog. Slow down. And, naturally, breathe in this moment.

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  1. Jen Pen

    Powerful video.
    Continued hugs and prayers. ❤️🙏
    Grateful for your posts and Community.

  2. Carey

    Wonderful words, thank you.
    And I LOVE the video – it’s in Italian, even better!

  3. Jennifer

    Praying for your health and well being, Elinor.. Thank you for nurturing ours. Your posts are powerful & gentle. Soothing & real.. thank you.

  4. Roberto Tesar

    Veramente…Italiano e la piu bella lingua del mondo!

  5. P

    Your posts are giving me exactly what I need right now. They speak to be on ever level. Thank you for sharing and connecting in the vital time. Sending love and healing xo

  6. Cat

    These are perfect. Love the self rescue photo!

  7. YB

    Daily reset
    Thank you

  8. Francesca H Kelly

    Sending you love and gratitude for your transparency. The video is great — needs a bit of editing (haha, once an editor, always an editor) but is very powerful nevertheless. Hang in there, Elinor. We are thinking of you all.

  9. Ian Kelly

    Elinor, your blog is brilliant. Overwhelmed with admiration. Keep up that 7-4-8 (847?) breathing! Love and prayers.

  10. beth

    Powerful, wonderful video, especially in Italian. Thank you. Be well xo

  11. jennifer dies

    thank you

  12. Johnna Deering

    Powerful, thank you!! Peace and love to you and your family.

  13. Leigh

    thinking of you and thank you for the comforting words

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