within each of us is a spirit – that is both calming and energizing, a power source if you will, waiting for us to plug ourselves into it. we often neglect it, spending most of our time running hard into the busyness of our lives, and away from this abundance of wisdom, joy, calm and creativity.

this lent, this season of change, we come through a year of fear, dis-ease, and downright pandemonium, and head into a new chapter of only God-knows-what. in between~ now ~ in this middle place there is opportunity to quiet down, to connect, and to be, before springing forth into what promises to be hopeful times ahead.

this season, 40daysofpeace is about less, because we all have had enough. you will find simple inspirations, and space to hold them, and reflect – in a journal or a note, or quietly in your heart. there are many ways to experience this spirit of deep calm and ease. i invite you to find your own way here.

now is your time.

love never fails

"Through many dangers, toils and snares We have already come T'was Grace that brought us safe thus far And Grace will lead us home" ~John Newton, Amazing Grace

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