Be Curious Not Judgmental

~ Walt Whitman

ummmm.  so …

Sometimes there are no words. I am not sure how to weigh in here. So, for a change, I won’t.  Just listening.  Observing.  Trying to keep an open mind.
We all need self care. And our kids need it role modeled.

There is good here (right?)

 Breathe.  Consider. We are all cut from the same cloth. And we all need self care and meditation.  Therein lies the good; Channelling Barbie, once and for all. 

Keep breathing and let go of all judgment. 


I am practicing with you (and Barbie!)

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  1. Elizabeth Pruett

    Whatever helps someone, I’m all for it! 🙂

  2. Jen Pen

    I still have my Malibu Barbie and 70s camper!
    I was given a subscription to Headspace’s app by my daughter. Love it!
    The longer video was adorable.
    Thanks Elinor!

  3. Johnna Deering

    ?So sweet. Thank you

  4. paula turelli

    I want to be more like Azusa Barbie ?She made me laugh and smile for her entire 10 minute video!

  5. Caitlin Myers

    “I can’t even!!” This made my day:). My take away: good things and good people where-ever you go; take what you like and leave the rest!! Loved the fashion mashing from 3 decades of barbies?? and the PINK- what’s not to love here?!? Breathe

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